Tea is only as good as the water used to prepare it. Spring or filtered water is best.

Over steeping may make tea taste bitter. If you prefer strong tea, simply use more leaves. Most teas taste best when infused 3-4 minutes. The string allows for easy removal of the tea bag after steeping.

Unlike traditional, pre-filled tea bags, Tea Pockets allows you to adjust the strength to fit your personal taste. Although serving size is flexible and depends upon desired strength and the type of tea, we recommend using:
1 tablespoon (8-11 ounce cup)
1 heaping tablespoon (12-16 ounce cup)
2 tablespoons (16-20 ounce cup)
The quantities listed above provide a generous serving size, good cup strength and work for almost all types of tea. We recommend that coffee shops, tea shops, spas, restaurants (or any business that serves tea) also follow these general guidelines, since this is an easy rule for wait staff to remember.

One Tea Pocket is ideal for a mug, 12-20-ounce food service cup or a small teapot. Do not overfill bag; allow room for water to circulate. When using a large teapot (more than 20 ounces), simply use more than 1 bag.

Tea Pockets can be sealed quickly and easily by hand--without the need for additional equipment. Simply flip the cuff (on the outside of the bag) up-and-over the opening and smooth flat to seal. This method is similar to a sandwich bag without a zip lock. When the bag gets wet, the material will naturally stick together, keeping even the smallest tealeaves out of your cup. Still have questions? Watch the video below!

String allows for easy removal of the bag after steeping. You can use the string in 2 ways: (1) loop string over the handle of your mug or teapot to hold the bag neatly in place or (2) pluck one side of the string off the bag after it has been sealed, and hang the detached string over the side of cup.
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